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This project was created in the hopes to get more girls correctly diagnosed with SMAS (Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome). Most girls are left untreated because doctors are not informed enough about this diagnosis or they do not believe it is real. This project was done under a student in the UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media and I was one of two assistants.


Challenge:   Increase awareness of SMAS and help families find resources and doctors to get their daughters diagnosed and treated.

The Essential Idea:  By spreading awareness about this rare disease we can get more girls correctly diagnosed. 

Brand Essence:  SMAS Diagnoses Can Save Lives

Result:  Over 100 girls have contacted the page with similar symptoms and we have given them the resources they need to seek help and know they are not alone. 

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Social Media

We decided to create a new Instagram account for LewLew where she could post about her sickness and spread awareness. We also updated the facebook page to help other concerned parents and girls find out if they might also have SMAS.



Along with social media we also gave LewLew a whole new website where she can post her blog, connect with other girls and parents and also inform people about SMAS. Please check it out!


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